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30 Unintentionally Hilarious Political Signs

forse non è il modo migliore per dare serietà ai propri argomenti ...

30 Unintentionally Hilarious Political Signs: "

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Oh boy. It's been a big couple of months for signs here at Urlesque. First, we brought you ridiculous hacked stop signs. Then, we introduced you to the 'God Hates' signs phenomenon.

Take a deep breath, because there's more. You guys know how they have elections? No no, I'm not talking about the reigning high council of I Can Has Cheezburger? (succession there is handled by fights to the death) or the governing board of Facebook (the board is just Mark Zuckerberg maniacally sobbing to himself), I'm talking about the United States government.

Well, they have elections for it. People (you, ideally) vote for candidates. These people (again, you?) vote based on issues (or wild emotional impulses). Sometimes they make signs about said issues. Sometimes those signs are unintentionally hilariously stupid.

Here are 30 such signs.

1. Amensty

2. Competnce

3. System of Running an Economy FAIL

4. Marridge

5. Truth FAIL

6. Thinkg

7. Sactity of Marriage

8. Washinton

9. Offical Language

10. Your/You're FAIL

11. Not Being A Violent Psychopath FAIL

12. Understanding The Modern Combustion Engine FAIL

13. Your/You're FAIL #2

14. Understanding Jesus FAIL

15. Arithetic

16. Birth Certifict

17. Juice/Jews?

18. Amesty #2 With Bonus

19. Morans!!

20. Hugh/Huge

21. Obama Is A Muslin

22. Mavrik

23. Amnety #3 (Honk for English)

24. Lanaguage

25. No Excetions

26. NO Pubic Option

27. Respect Are-Country

28. Stundents 4 McCain

29. Commander And Theif

30. Keep Us Infromed

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